What  do we do​?

Parents of drug addicts suffer in ways, including devastating financial hardships. They may pay out of pocket for rehabs, medications, fines, and bills that their addict child has accrued.  Sadly, many times bank accounts are directly depleted at the hands of the addict. These financial difficulties can make it difficult or even impossible for the families to pay their own personal bills. Some have lost homes, cars, power, and water. Those without insurance cannot afford rehab so if their child wants treatment, it's simply not financially possible without going deeper into debt. PODA is creating programs to help ease these financial burdens.

 We want to be able to be a place that is safe for the Parent to talk and seek help as they navigate through their child's addiction. It is important for the Parents of Drug Addicts know they are not alone in the journey. 

​​Friends Of The Family Grant. Parents can apply for the grant, and we will pay the urgent bill in need. Email us at Parentsofdrugaddicts@gmail.com for the application form, and the requirements to receive the grant. Each grant is a maximum of $500.00. We will start taking applications on 12.15.13, All grants are given according to our funds availability.

Within the next few months we hope to create a grant to help with rehab costs. As well as a few other programs. 

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    Parents Of Drug Addicts 1st Annual Retreat!

October 2-5, 2014 - Myrtle Beach, SC

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 **We are also looking for vendors and donations for raffles. If you are interested in either of the above, please email us at Parentsofdrugaddicts@gmail.com

What is PODA? 

Parents Of Drug Addicts is a group that was organized to meet the needs of those suffering in silence due to the actions of their addict child. The negative effects of a drug addicted child's behavior can be emotional, physical, and financial. The shame and stigma associated with drug addiction can cause parents to become isolated and reluctant to seek help. It is PODA's goal to break through those barriers by providing parents a safe place to talk about their worries,fears and heartache. Parents also share the encouraging stories of their children in recovery. To the parent of the drug addict we say, you are not alone. We are glad you found us and hope we can help you begin to heal.